ABPM Study Abroad

PGD-ABPM Study Abroad:

Centre for Learning International Agribusiness and Plantation Management


The PGP study abroad programme initiated and coordinated by the Centre, takes the students to the most relevant countries shaping the plantations and agri-business world today. The Study Abroad Programme is a non-credit course and the enrolled students will have an opportunity to visit fields, companies and have interactions with the leading business houses in plantations and agri-business of South East Asian countries. It provides a unique global learning opportunity in all the core functional areas of Agri-business and plantations.

Few objectives of the Study Abroad Programme, but not limited to, the following:


To explore the plantation and agri-business practices in global markets
To experience different perspectives on the world, education, and management practices
To gain exposure to a variety of customs, laws, and regulations and to get prepared to serve in a multi lingual and multicultural set up.
To gain a competitive advantage in the job market by demonstrating an awareness of a culture beyond their own and of the global economy.

Visit to Singapore


Study Abroad – 2019

Institution Visited
Resource Person
Purpose of visit
Sime Darby Plantations

  • Mr. Harry Thomas Brock
    Regional CEO
    Central West Region
  • Mr. Mohd Zulkifli Mohd Isa
    Regional General Manager
    Central West Region
  • Mr. Mohd Rapit Suman
    Senior Manager
  • Visit to Oil Palm Plantations to understand estate management practices with special references to environmental management.
  •  Learned on effective implementation of ISO 9000/14000, Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), Good Management Practices (GMP), Integrated pest management etc.,
University of Teknologi MARA (UiTM)
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Asmah Awal
    Faculty of Plantation & Agro-technology
  • Dr. Nordiana Ibrahim
    Deputy Dean
    Faculty of Plantation & Agro-technology
  • Global Students Forum (GSF) and MoU Signing Ceremony between Indian Institute of Plantation Management (IIPM) Bengaluru and Department Plantation & of Agro-technology, UiTM, MARA
  • Mr. Andrew Ooi
    Head of Business Development
    Agricultural Solutions
  • Mr. T. George Varghese
    Senior Manager
    Herbicide Tolerant Technology Asia Pacific
  • Understanding Crop Protection Business in Asia Pacific and discussion on agri- business aspects with special reference to input and crop protection management.
Charoen Pokphand (CP) Food Processing Plant
  • Mr. Santipharp Seesuwanphip
  • Ms. Syeedatul Imma
    Public Relation (Admin Dept)
    PK Agro Industrial Products
  • Visit to chicken processing plant and discussion on sustainable food supply chain practices of CP foods.
  • Observed effective implementation of HACCP, ISO 9000/14000 etc.
Association of Natural Rubber Producing Countries (ANRPC)
  • Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Bich
    Secretary General
  • Mr. Jom Jacob
    Senior Economist
  • Presentation and discussion on ANRPC focus on economically viable and ecologically sustainable practices in Natural Rubber
Bursa Malaysia Berhad
  • Mr. Datuk Seri Tajuddin Atan
    Chef Executive Officer
  • Ms. A. A. Deepa
    Vice President
    Investor and Channel Management
    Securities Market
  • Knowledge on securities & derivatives market, provision & operation of the listing, trading, clearing and depository services, as well as provision & dissemination of information.

Visit to Singapore


Study Abroad – 2014

SAP1 (1)


Institution Visited
Resource Person
Purpose of visit
Yakult (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
Mr. Yap Chi Ming Microbiologist cum Public Relations Officer PR & Advertising Department
Birth and growth stages of Yakult. Benefits and manufacturing process of the Probiotics. Customised marketing strategies across the globe.
SGS Testing & Control Services.
Mr. Cres Maramot Managing DirectorMr. Darajit Daud Senior Manager – Operational Integrity Singapore / Malaysia Mr. Sethu RagupathyBusiness Manager
Understand the role of certification body in supply chain and logistics. Have an exposure to the auditing, quality and control checks Food testing laboratories and FMCG testing laboratories. Understand the procedures and the practices followed in certification for global quality.
Mycofarm Pte. Ltd.
Dr. K. K. Tan Ph.D. Emeritus Chairman
Learning the entrepreneurial opportunities and challenges in mushroom cultivation and marketing.
Agrocorp International Pte. Ltd.
Ms. Sree Snigdha Human Resource Manager International Plaza
IIPM – Bangalore has considerable experience in the effective management of ABPM student placements. Good placement practice is shared between faculties and students through global placement partners. As part of SAP, guidelines for the evaluation of placement learning opportunities were given to the final year students.
HR Millennium Consultancy
Ms. Imee Ang Associate Director International Plaza
Manpower Consultancy
International Plaza Singapore (sg.openings@manpower.com.sg)
Green Building Consultants (S) Pte. Ltd.
16, Bali Lane Singapore 189 862 (hr@gbc.asia)

Visit to Singapore


Study Abroad – 2010

Institution Visited
Resource Person
Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SICCI
  • Mr. Vijay Iyengar
  • Mr. Hernaikh Singh
    Chief Executive Officer & Director
  • Mr. Nirman Sodhi
    Senior Manager
YCH Group
  • Mr. Vijay Satkunam
    Chief Security Officer
  • Ms. Tien Yushan
    Head of Corporate Communications
  • Ms. Elizabeth Teo Executive, Corporate Communications
Singapore Commodities Exchange Limited (SICOM)
    • Mr. Yeo Ek Meng
      Director (Markets & Membership)
    • Ms. Srinidhi Udupi RAghavendra
      Associate Director
      Product and Business Development (SICOM)
Asia Pacific at BASF South East Asia Pte. Ltd.
  • Dr. Raman Ramachandra
Agri-Food & Veterninary Authority of Singapore (AVA)
  • Mr. Wang Kok Liang
    Head – Food Supply Resilience Branch
    Food Supply & Technology Department
  • Ms. Toh Xin Wei
    Head – Fruit & Vegetable Supply Facilitation Section
    Food Supply & Agritech Infrastructure Division
  • Ms. Tan Ling Ling
    Head – Meat, Egg & Fish Supply Facilitation Section
    Head – Food Supply & Price Monitoring Section
    Food Supply & Technology Department
CropLife (ASIA)
  • Dr. Vasant L. Patil, Ph.D
    Regulatory Affairs Director
AGROCORP International Pte Ltd.
  • Mr. Vijay Itengar
    Managing Director

Visit to South East Asian Countries


Study Abroad – 2009

Institution Visited
Resource Person
Kasetsart University
  • Dr. Somsakdi Tabtimtong
    Faculty of International Affair Division
  • Prof. Dr. Somkiert Prasanpanich
    Head (for Research & Academic Services)
  • Prof. Buncha Chinnasri, Ph.D
    Assistant Dean for Research and Academic Service
  • Prof. Yingyong Paisooksantivatana, Ph.D
    Associate Prof. & Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
  • Prof. Donludee Jaisut, Ph.D
    Department of Farm Mechanics
Agricultural Futures Exchange of Thailand (AFET)
  • Mr. Jittiwat Chulajat
    Senior Vice President
  • Ms. Srichan Changwatchai
    Vice President
  • Khun. Chudatip Ritruechai
    Vice President, Education Department
  • Mr. Pote Supromajakr
    Officer, Research and Planning Department
Thai Food Processor’s Association (TFPA)
    • Mr. Chaiwat Intrachatorn
      Trade Manager
    • Mrs. Vilai Kiatsrichart
FAO-Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific
  • Dr. S. Appanah
    National Forest Programme Adviser Asia – Pacific
  • Mr. Ralph C. Houtman
    Regional Marketing and Rural Finance Officer
  • Dr. K. G. Pillai
    Agriculture & Natural Resource Management
Embassy of the United States of America US Department of Agriculture (USDA)

Dr. Corey Pickelsimer
Agricultural Attache

Korn Thai Co., Ltd.,
  • Dr. Pong Vananuvat, Ph.D
    Managing Director
  • Ms. Vatanasri Chaimongkol
  • Khun. Veravat Bhummaphuti
  • Khun. Piyaporn Satheinpataratanee
    Export Sales Manager
C. P. Diamondstar Co., Ltd.,
Vapor Head Treatment (VHT) Plant. Fruits & Mango Farming (in Chonburi Province)

Mr. Banharn Wismitanant
General Manager

URC – World Class Agri-Business (Thailand) Co., Ltd.,
  • Mr. Wattawut Ueaphumirat
    Plant Manager
  • Mr. T. M. Chari
    Production Manager-Biscuit
  • Khun. Vittaya Pumikej
    Human Resource Manager
  • Mr. Balaji Hiremagalur
    General Manager
Charoen Pokphand Group (CP Group)
Chicken Processing Plant (Saraburi Province)
  • Khun. Madee Duriyangkaset
    PR Executive, Office of Corporate Communications Affairs
  • Khun. Suthana Hongthong
    Manager, Office of Corporate Communications Affairs
  • Khun. Patcharaporn (Milky) Klubyim
    Customer Relations Executive
The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia
  • His Excellence Mr. Mohammad Hatta (Ambassador)
  • Prof. Dr.sc.agr.Didik Sulistyanto
    Education Attache
  • Mr. Krishna Djelani
    Counsellor of Economic Affairs
  • Mr. Syafrudin Yahya
    Commercial Attache
  • Ms. Nana Yuliana
    Alternate Permanent Representative of Indonesia to UN-ESCAP
    First Secretary for Economic Affairs

Study Abroad – 2008

Institution Visited
Resource Person
Presentation Theme
Charoen Pokphand Group – (CPG) Food Processing Plant Ms. RachaneepornChaistitwanich
Asst. Vice President (Corporate Affairs)Ms. Milk
Manager (CR)
  • Quality & Safety Management System
  • Product Brand & Promotion
  • Employee Relationship Management
  • Corporate Business Plan & Management
Rubber Research Institute of Thailand (RRIT) Ms. Rasanee Suravanit
Head, (PR)
  • Technology Dimensions of Rubber to Small Holdings
  • Product Development
  • Livelihood perspectives through Rubber
School of Environment, Resources & Development (SERD)-Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) Prof. S. Kumar
Professor & DeanProf. V. M. Salokhe
Professor, Agri-Business Management
  • Agri-business Management
    South East Asia Perspective
  • Environmental Management
  • Agri-Business Systems
The Agricultural Futures Exchange of Thailand (AFET) Office of the Agricultural Future Trading Commission Mr. Nitid Manoonporn
Senior Vice President (Corporate Operations)Mr. Jittiwat Chulajat
Vice President
Organizational & Functional Dimensions of TFPA
Small Producers Product Promotion
Micro-Enterprises without Government Support
Food Safety & Quality Management Systems for Small Producers & Manufactures

Study Abroad – 2007

Institution Visited
Resource Person
Presentation Theme
Cornell-Nanyang Business School, Nanyang Technology University Dr. Judy A Singuaw,


Hospitality Management and its Application in Plantation and Agri-Business Sector
Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA), Singapore Mr. Chin Yew Neng,Assistant Director (Food Supply & Agritech Infrastructure Division)

Mr. Liow Chin

Chog, Senior Import & Export Officer (Food & Veterinary Administration)

Agri-Food Safety Management
Quality Management
Import & Export Management
ERC Holdings Mr. Yeh Choy Yan,Director, Business Development Socio-Economic, Educational and Employment Opportunities in Singapore
Asian Centre for Professional Excellence Dr. Christopher Goh,

Academic Head (Finance)

International Finance and Business Investment
World Trade Center University, School of Logistics Dr. Perumal Magayson, Dean, School of Logistics and Managing Director, World Trade Centre, Singapore


Logistics & Supply Chain for Agri Business Sector
Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SICCI) Mr. Nirman Sodhi,Manager (Corporate Services/Trade Match) SICCI in International Trade & Development
Kuok Oils & Grains Pte Ltd. Mr. Prakash S Savadi, General Manager (Trading)

– Mr. Ankur Chawla, Trading Executive

Palm Oil & Grains:
Production-Cost Effective
Value Addition
International Business
Marketing & Trading of Plantation Products and Consumer Pack
Borderless Vs. Local Distribution System
Suppliers and Buyers
Institution Visited Resource Person Presentation Theme
IOI Corporation Berhad, Dynamic Management Sdn Bhd Mr. Joshua Mathews, Senior Manager & Head (Plantation Division) R&D Management and Productivity Management
Social-Friendly Production
BASF – The Chemical Company Mr. Lim Fang Woei, Manager, Technical Service & Agricultural Products BASF in Agri Business & Plantation
Kumpulan Guthrie Berhad Mr. Mohamed Azhaza B
Abdul Aziz, Estate Manager, Labu Estate
Estate Management
Labour Management
Bio-diversity and Yield Management in Plantation
Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) Mr. Ishak Bin Sejet, Mill Manager

Mr. Sheikh Khairul Anuar, Assistant Mill Manager

Palm Oil Manufacturing & Product Development
Functional Dimensions of Oil Refinery
Association of Natural Rubber Producing Countries (ANRPC) Mr. Phillip T Pondikou,Secretary General

Mr. Arumugam, Deputy Secretary General

Mr. Toms Joseph, Economist

Rubber Production, Marketing & Future Scenario for G-8 Countries
Bursa Malaysia Mr. Moriazi Mohammed, Chief Executive

Mr. Kamal Fitri, Manager (Marketing Communications – Group Business Development)

Mr. Gerald Blondel, Head (Exchanges Development-Group Business Development)

Profile of International Stock Exchange:
Price Risk Management
Business Process Re-engineering
Commodity Derivatives
Equity Share & Management Students’ Exchange Program
Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC) Ms. Sum Kum Mooi, Manager (Marketing & Market Development) Palm Oil Industry:
Commodity, Global Oil & Fat Market
Crop Diversification
Field Fresh Foods Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Satyakam Chakravorty, Senior Manager (International Sales) Linking Indian Fields to the World