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Placement Process

The Placement Assistance Cell of the Institute facilitates interaction between prospective employers and the graduating students and creates a forum to help them make mutually beneficial choices. Campus recruitment is one such forum, which facilitates efficient and informed choices. Companies have the option to hold pre-placement talks (PPT) to directly communicate with the students and provide information that students may want. Typically, student concerns centre around nature of the job, remuneration package, learning and growth opportunities, work environment and places of posting,


The Job Announcement Form is available on this website. Interested companies can either send it online, or download the forms and mail/fax the forms. The summary of student profiles is provided to help companies short list candidates to match their job profiles. Resumes of shortlisted candidates can be accessed from the student profile page.

Since efficient and quick decisions are the essence of campus placements, we request organizations to give all prior clearances at the appropriate levels to their representatives who are sent for campus recruitment, so that final job offers can be made within a day of the interviews.

Candidates are not allowed to enter into any direct communication with the organizations, who the Institute has already contacted. The companies are therefore requested to not contact any candidates directly but route all correspondence through the Placement Assistance Cell.