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Student Profile


Creativity and knowledge management approach is the institute’s longest and deepest traditions. It signifies the general principle that agri-business education should influence and improve people’s lives beyond the boundries of the classroom. Among IIPM’s most valuable intellectual assets are its students.

The PGDM-ABPM students have many opportunities to deepen their involvement in the agri and plantation business sector.

Our students are



tuned with the vision of turning India’s agri-base into agri business
trained to develop a special sectoral focus yet embedded in the larger economy
charged with a fervour to contribute to sectors neglected by mainstream management management
geared to provide future leadership to the agribusiness, commodity and plantation sectors
going to be assets to any organization that recruits them
exposed to international business education through study abroad program (SAP)

They have what India’s agribusiness sector needs today



skills to handle the soil as well as the mouse
a combination of tradition and modernity – confluence of the West and the East
modern management with an Indian ethos
can operate at all links of the value-chain of agri-business and plantations
lend a hand with equal ease in commodity production or processing or marketing. Schooled in the Institute’s philosophy of “Grounded Praxis” and “Grass Roots Action and Management (GRAM)”,
at home in the backyards / hinterlands growing commodities
at home in the world contexts that encompass international trade
at home with the unlettered farmers in remote parts,and the cocooned plantations
at home in the competitive world of WTO and Liberalisation, Privatisation & Globalisation
understand a gamut of organisations – the family owned, the national, the multinationals
understand not only management but also plantation and agribusiness technology