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Tea industry in India is the world’s oldest with signifcant production, and the consumption, given its population and the present high levels of economic growth, expected to play a signifcant role in determining global demand.
Te present need in Indian tea sector is on improving all segments of tea value chain and its several eforts on all dimensions. Tis includes eforts towards improving feld productivity, labour efciency through HRD initiatives and standards, cost control, post harvest processing, value addition, encouraging internationally accepted quality certifcation systems, improving and upgrading infrastructure, viz., extension system, R&D units and packaging, marketing, branding and ultimate customer delight.
Te pursuit of excellence in total factor productivity (TFP) has long been a hallmark of IIPM through its Tea Board sponsored HRD programmes to the sector. Since its founding in 1993, the institute has endeavored to assemble promising tea planters and their stakeholders in tea commodity designed to stimulate, even inspire, its members to develop their talents to the fullest.
Te training program provides the planters’ forum with intellectual and practical inputs on a regular basis. Te Tea Board of India sponsored Tea Planters’ Productivity Council (TPC) at important plantation districts is working towards these objectives.


“To place Indian Tea on the Top of the World through Best Global Quality and Productivity Management”.


Organizing planter-centered multilayer capacity building workshops to create a knowledge base on the new dimensions of management (learners – to – learn) to establish efective coordination among all the stakeholders.


  • Dedicate to enhance the productivity of tea plantation sector in India
  • Thrive on satisfaction through service excellence
  • Drive equity in all the interventions
  • Continuously challenge the existing assumptions through innovation and creativity
  • Foster Social and environmental consciousness.


  • Equip the new generation planters with the latest management techniques for tea planta- tions and its associated a~ri-business.
  • Facilitate the planters in applying scientific management for re-engineering their business processes.
  • Familiarize the academicians, scientists, students and scholars with the needs of the indus- try and to use the body of knowledge in training aspiring plantation managers to generate competent professionals for the new millennium. .

Demonstrate higher value to the clients, the stakeholders and the society at large.


For Whom

TPC is designed for planters, senior managers and other professionals in a variety of plantation business functional areas, ofcials of planters’ associations and developmental agencies.

Organizational Set-up

Proposed 12 TPC Districts of India, will integrate plantation knowledge management of two agro-climate zones/groups. Te members of the TPC will have regular district level meet to discuss the modalities for improving all round productivity and management at the zonal level. Te particulars of proposed, phase one operational districts and zones are depicted in the map and table.


Functional Dimensions

The major activities of the Tea Plantation Productivity Council will be to organize need based District, Zonal and National meetings / workshops for the planters.

The planters of each district may form a district council consists of a Secretary, a Treasurer, and Two Executive Members to organize and monitor monthly district council meet. IIPM will provide operational cost for organizing monthly district council meet. The frequencies of meeting under TPC :

  • District Council once in a month
  • Zonal Council once in six month
  • National Council once in a year

Perspectives of TPC at National level

  • The utility, relevance and the importance of the themes as an action plan to the IIPM and Tea Board of India.
  • Communicate critical areas of operations based on the proceedings at district and zonal levels.
  • IIPM will facilitate national level debate/dialogue towards development of a programme for Total Factor Productivity (TFP).



IIPM has coordinated 124 TPC District/Zonal Council meetings for the beneft of 2730 participants on capacity building programs through learners-to-learn approach in collaboration with various Planters’ Association and Plantation Industry on managerial and technical topics. Apart from the IIPM faculty, resource persons from various national level institutes and experts from the plantation industry have made this program a success.

About The Institute


Indian Institute of Plantation Management (IIPM), as the centre of excellence and the frst of its kind national institute, was established at the initiative of the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India. It is co-promoted by the Commodity Boards of India viz., Cofee Board, Rubber Board, Tea Board, Spices Board and Plantation Industry Associations viz., ITA, UPASI. IIPM has been conceived as a world renowned academic institution focusing in the feld of plantation & associated agri-business and commodity management education”. IIPM ofers a range of competitive academic and industry oriented programs viz., PGDM on Agri-business and Plantation Management (ABPM), DLP on Plantation Management through IGNOU, Study Abroad programs on ABPM, MDP for Corporate managers, small and medium entrepreneurs. IIPM is planning to launch a Doctoral program – the Fellow Program in ABPM.

Implementing Agencies


IIPM in collaboration with Tea Board of India, ITA, TAI, ATPA, TRA, NETA, BCP, DPA, ITPA, TBITA, ABITA, DBITA, SVBITA, BLFA, UPASI, TANTEA, NPA, APK, APA, KPA, PAT, NWPA, WPA, KDPA, GPFA, CTPA, INCOSERVE, and all other Tea Associations, corporate companies implement the project for the overall beneft of benift of plantation Sector. Te major activities of the TPC Council will be to organize need based District, Zonal and National level workshops for the Tea Planters and Corporate.

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