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Uniqueness of IIPM

The Reach-out Model

As a strategic institution, Institute has evolved its activities around a unique and innovative reach-out model. This model is based on the concept of on-site education. As a result it facilitates a closer interaction between the institute and industry. It also helps in reducing the theory-practice gap and leads to the development of deep rooted concepts. Through its reach-out approach, the Institute meets the Human Resource Development requirements of the plantation and associated agri-business sector both in the North-East as well as in South. Reach-out model is operationalized with the help of Plantation Associations, Commodity Boards and other agencies including Corporates.


During the years 1994-2000, Institute has extensively experimented with the reach-out model. this has helped in establishing close linkages with the corporate and grass-root institutions in the plantation sector, related agro-industries and several development agencies. The reach-out model developed at the Institute has also helped in developing and testing a number of new management models, ideas and conceptual frameworks.

Now the reach-out is also achieved through field / industry visits and Corporate Training Segment (CTS) of the Post Graduate Diploma in Agri-Business & Plantation Management (PGD-ABPM).


Origin of Reach Out Model

“Why should not education go from door to door, say I. If a ploughman’s boy can’t come to education, why not meet him at the plough, at the factory, just wherever he is? Go along with him, like his shadow”.

-Swami Vivekananda
My Life and Mission,p.37,
Advaita Ashrama,1994.
(In a lecture delivered by Swami Vivekananda
on January 27,1900 to the Shakespeare Club
of Pasadena, California)