HLACT-LOGO-1HLACT is a global leading organization established with the primary goals to refine and introduce pertaining quality reforms in institutes and organization all across the globe. We incessantly strive to create, maintain and constantly improve the quality of organizational structures and educational processes of world-wide organizations and educational establishments. We provide global accreditation and quality assurance certifications to all organizations and institutes which fall on our merit of standardized quality reforms; which are a result of thorough and extensive researches conducted to improve the educational and organizational quality. Our teams of evaluators world-wide are hand-picked professionals and experts in their respective fields; who make


unbiased and respectable evaluations of the organizations/institutions pursuing our international certification and accreditation. These members evaluate the standards of education in universities through a unique point profile system and the organizational performances on behalf of industrial standards. HLACT accreditation stands for assurance of quality services and with the promise of continuous improvements as they occur every day.