(An Autonomous Organization of the Ministry of Commerce & Industry – Govt of India.)

(An Autonomous Organization of the Ministry of Commerce & Industry – Govt of India.)

Centers of Excellence

Centers of Excellence (CoEs) at IIPM


Since its inception, IIPMB has created focused Centers of Excellence (CoEs) to carry out research, capacity-building, training, and associated activities for its various stakeholders that include Govt officials, corporate managers, business owners, and entrepreneurs. These CoEs take into account the need of particular sectors and domains and offer generalized and customized interventions. The mandate of the CoEs is to study, analyze, record, and implement contemporary learning that incorporates leadership, best practices, research, support, and training for the focus areas.

IIPM has the following Centers of Excellence   

  1. CoE on Research and Training in Plantation Beverages
    1. Tea Tasting and Marketing
    2. Innovations in Coffee Industry
  2. CoE on Entrepreneurship and Innovation
    1. Livelihood Business Incubation
    2. Business Incubation
    3. Coffee Entrepreneurship
    4. Entrepreneurship in Food Processing
  3. CoE on Export Promotion in Agri-plantations
    1. Export Promotion Strategies for each Indian State
    2. Commodity-wise Export Promotion Strategies
    3. Export Promotion Strategies for Millet and Value-added Products
  4. CoE on International Trade and Marketing
    1. Comparative Trade Analysis for Indian Plantation Products
    2. International Marketing Strategies for Agri-Plantation Commodities and Products
  5. CoE on Sustainability and Climatic Change Research in Agri-plantations
    1. Study of Plantation Ecosystem with a focus on Resource Utilization
    2. Scope of Carbon Sequestration in Plantations
  6. CoE on Social Work and Academic Social Responsibility
    1. Teaching the Underprivileged
    2. Indian Values and Ethos

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