(An Autonomous Organization of the Ministry of Commerce & Industry – Govt of India.)

(An Autonomous Organization of the Ministry of Commerce & Industry – Govt of India.)

Institute Philosophy

The Institute

IIPM Philosophy

IIPM is an exclusive sectoral school of management with a focus on providing recommendations to the industry from diverse perspectives- export facilitation, sustainability, social costs, analysis of GOI schemes, policy research, consultancy, etc. The scope of such recommendations includes the profiling of Agri-plantation and associated commodities and value-added products based on consumer demand trends, linking it to the enhancement of farmers’ livelihoods, connecting to local, national, and global markets, and creating entrepreneurs in the micro, small, and medium levels (e.g., FPOs).

IIPM’s gamut of activities is based on a philosophy that incorporates five foundational principles.

Strategic Think Ahead Forum

This is based on IIPM’s involvement in providing intellectual support to the plantation and associated agri-business sector. It is reflected in its efforts to bring together academicians and practitioners for strategic scenario deliberations leading to the overall development of the sector.

Creation of Enlightened leadership

This principle is rooted in the recognition of Grass Root Action & Management as a key input to the achievement of sustainability in the sector. This is combined with social sensitivity and diversity as important aspect in management education to create future-ready enlightened leadership for the sector.

Continuing Development of the “BEST” managers

This principle reflects four key aspects of managerial development Behavioural, Economic, Strategic, and Technical. All programmes are designed keeping in view these four dimensions to make them relevant and useful to the participants

Action-Based Research

IIPM’s research paradigm is defined by action-based research based on the notion that research should be meaningful and useful to practitioners along with academia. This allows practitioners to contribute to the development of experience-based knowledge.

Intellectual Self-Reliance & Enhancement of Intellectual Capital

This principle envisages a synthesis of Western approaches and Eastern intuitive insights of management in the sector reflected through the blending of tradition and modernity. This is manifested in the conceptualization, development, and documentation of knowledge relevant to the sector through interfacing with various stakeholders, both within and beyond borders.


To be a globally renowned center of excellence in plantation and associated agribusiness, imparting research-based management education, training, and consultancy, contributing to business and society.


  1. To develop globally competent and socially responsible leaders and techno-managers for plantation and associated agribusiness sector
  2. To impart quality teaching and learning with rigor and relevance and develop competent global professionals, researchers, and entrepreneurs
  3. To undertake research, consultancy, and training for the sustainability of plantation and associated agribusiness sector
  4. To continuously develop and improve a state-of-the-art academic, physical, and research infrastructure

Quality Policy

Achieving excellence in education, training and research benchmarked against global best management practices in plantation & agri-business.

What Our Students Say About Us

Throughout my two years of MBA at IIPM, I had countless opportunities to develop analytical skills, leadership and proactive thinking through various programs and events.
Programmer, Kenlid Enterprise
Excellent Faculty members and a great placement team. Got placed in iCMG India through the department.
Principal, Bluth Finance
There are lots of MBA colleges in Bangalore, but MBA at IIPM stands out with its distinguished uniqueness. It is a perfect platform to polish one's skills and calibre and also nurture their talents.
Manager, Jadeson Global

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