(An Autonomous Organization of the Ministry of Commerce & Industry – Govt of India.)

(An Autonomous Organization of the Ministry of Commerce & Industry – Govt of India.)



2years program


12 students

Two Year Post Graduate Diploma in Management
Food Processing and Business Management (PGDM-FPBM) 2023-2025 (7th Batch)
Approved by AICTE-MHRD-GoI

A Unique Management Program that Blends Food Technology with Business

Vision of FPBM Program

To be the most preferred global program for aspiring food processing business managers and

Mission of FPBM Program

M1: To impart techno-managerial knowledge and skills towards creating innovative and socially re-sponsible managers  and entrepreneurs

M2: To adopt contemporary and relevant pedagogy with  industry orientation to enable experiential learning

M3: To enhance global relevance of the program  through academic and research collaboration and multicultural immersion

M4: To continuously strive to develop and augment state-of- the-art academic and research environment.

About the Programme

Food processing is one of the largest sectors in India which has huge potential in terms of production, growth, value addition, consumption and  exports. Currently the sector witnesses the emergence of new markets for processed and value added products both at national and international  level. Food Processing sector is a major source of employment / entrepreneurship and adds value to foreign exchange. The program with a focus on food  industry has been designed in close coordination with stakeholders from Food  industry to impart the  knowledge and required skills  to be a game changer in the  field with “Learn, Do and  Serve” as its guide. A state-of- the-art Assurance of Learning  (AoL) policy of IIPM would  make the students as a techno-managerial individual, who will learn on mission-critical skills in food analytics and laboratory accreditation, nutrition & food technology, cool & cold chains and food quality & safety management for food business. The students will be trained on the various functional aspects in applied quality & safety, finance, marketing, human resources, decision sciences and supply chain management necessary for success in food-related enterprises. A range of sector-specific courses to meet the requirements of food industry, viz. Processing and Value Addition for Products, Packaging & Marketing for Food Business, Food Retail, Product and Brand Management, Financial Management, Exports & International Business, Global Quality & Safety Management Systems, Food Laws & Taxes, Project Feasibility & Business Plan are embedded in the curriculum that brings more rigour. In addition to the in house classroom teaching and learning, the pedagogy also includes experiential learning through Field Visits, Internship, Thesis Writing and Study Abroad Program.

Genesis of IIPM

IIPM set up at the initiative of Ministry of Commerce and  industry, Government of India,  is a renowned academic  institute offering post-graduate program in  Food Processing & Business  Management. IIPM’s mandate  is to create a unique pool of talented professionals in the  domain and provide career  advancement opportunities to  its students. 

Program Highlights

  • 2-year AICTE approved Residential Program.
  • A green campus with State-of-the-Art infrastructure.
  • Curriculum designed to meet emerging needs of Food Processing and Business Management
  • Provision for International Exposure through Study Abroad Program.
  • A Multi-Disciplinary Eminent Faculty Team with more than 100 man years of experience founded on its 4-I Principle “Intensive- Institute-Industry-Interaction”

International Linkages

  • CALS-University of Wisconsin- Madison, WI-USA
  • Committee on Sustainability Assessment (COSA)
  • Harper Adams University, Newport, UK
  • International Business School-Americas, Brazil
  • Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham, UK
  • Royal Agricultural University, Cirencester, UK
  • Rwanda Institute of Co-operatives, Entrepreneurship and Micro-Finance (RICM)
  • Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Malaysia
  • University of Nottingham, UK

Curriculum Outline and Contents

Program Duration: 24 months Residential Program commencing July 2023. The program is divided into 6 trimesters covering 102 credits including Corporate Training Segment (summer internship) of 12 weeks. It integrates operational, behavioural, managerial and strategic aspects of food business. Intensive-Industry-Institute-Interaction (4-Is) brings experts from food processing business closer to the student community and the program is customized to suit their requirements. Detailed Program structure and credit hours are given below:


Teaching and Learning

PGDM-FPBM offers a range of sector-specific courses to meet requirements of the industry. The faculty carefully craft curriculum and develop effective Assurance of Learning (AoL) resources and best practices for student learning.

IIPM contributes to students through three primary activities: teaching, research and corporate training/ internship. The faculty and  academic facilities (library,  computer centre, technical lab,  knowledge resource  centre, career devolopment  unit) campus and academic  ambience are unsurpassed by  those of any institutions. The  institute offers its teaching and  learning transactions  through lectures, video, seminar, group work, case  study method, issue analysis,  cyber learning, role plays,  sensory test for product  innovation, market survey,  field & industry visits, study  abroad and guest lectures. 

Elective Courses

Students are given with an option to choose elective courses in the areas of Marketing, Finance, Human  Resource and Operations as 
per their preferences.

Study Abroad Program

The Institute offers a scope for international exposure and learning through its unique Study Abroad Program (non- credit). It aims at providing  hands on experience to learn  from multinational companies  and reputed faculty from  across the world (Singapore,  Malaysia, Thailand, China,  USA, Africa and Indonesia). 

Career Development Service

Career Development Service (CDS) Unit

  1. The CDS unit facilitates students to identify their potential skill and nurture them to be employable in their  preferred sector.
  2. Organizations from Food Sector are invited to tap the talent from our  current batch of students.
  3. The placement process  includes Pre-Placement  Talks, Group Discussion,  Written Test, Case Study  Analysis and Interviews.

Placement Record:
Placement record has been bright and attractive.  Graduates of the Institutes are  placed in leading companies. 

Program Structure and Credit Hours

Year I
Trimester – I (July – October)
Description Name of Courses Credits
Program Specific 1. 1 :Fundamentals of FBPM 3
General 1. 2 : Managerial Economics 3
Functional 1. 3 : Financial Accounting for Management 3
1. 4 : Organization Design & Behavior 3
Analytics 1. 5 : Statistics for Management 3
1. 6 : IT Applications in Business 1.5
Skill Development
1. 7 :Business Communication
Business Writing 1.5
Duration: 12 weeks Sub Total 18
Year III
Trimester – IV (July – October)
Description Name of Courses Credits
Program Specific 4. 1 : Food Safety & Quality Management 3
4 . 2: StrategicManagement in FPB 3
General 4 .3 : Entrepreneurship & Innovation 3
Functional 4.4 : Food Retail Management 3
Analytics 4.5 : Packaging & Labelling for FPB 1.5
Skill Development Workshops 4.6 : Conflict Management& Persuasion 1.5
Creativity & Problem Solving
Projects Thesis ProposalFormulation & Submission 2
Duration: 12 weeks Sub Total 17
Trimester – II (October – January)
Program Specific 2. 1 : Food Chemistry &Analysis 3
General 2. 2 : Business Environment&Policy 1.5
2. 3 : Business Ethics and Sustainability 1.5
Functional 2. 4 : Marketing Management 3
2. 5 : Cost & ManagementAccounting 3
Analytics 2. 6 : Prescriptive Analytics 1.5
Skill Development Workshops 2. 7 : Self- Portrait and Resume creationTime Management andPersonal EffectivenessYoga 1.5
Projects Winter Project 1.5
Duration: 16 weeks Sub Total 16.5
Trimester – V (November – January)
Program Specific 5. 1: Value Addition & Supply Chain Management 3
5.2: Business Analytics 3
5.3: Emerging Technologiesin Food Processing 3
Elective – I
Functional and Specializations 5.4: Product & Brand Management (M) 3
5.4: Cold Chain Management (OPs) 3
Skill Development Workshops 5.5: Story Telling 1.5
Leading Effectivel
Case Study Development
Projects Thesis Development & Report Submission 4
Duration: 12 weeks Sub Total 17.5
Trimester – III (February – May)
Program Specific 3.1: Production & Operations Management in Food Processing 3
Functional 3.2: Financial Management 3
3.3: Buyer Behaviour for Food Business 3
3.4: Human Resource Managemen 3
Analytics 3.5: Business Research Methods 3
Skill Development Workshops 3.6: Handling Interviews 1.5
Emotional Intelligence
Group Discussion
Duration: 12 weeks Sub Total 16.5
Projects Corporate Training Segment (CTS) 4
Trimester – VI (February – April)
Program Specific 6. 1 : International FPB Management 3
Elective – II
Functional 6. 2 : Sales Management in Food Business (M) 3
6.2 : Beverage Processing & Technology Management 3
Elective – III
Functional and Specializations 6. 3 : Digital Marketing (M) 3
6. 3 : Banking & Small Financial Institutions (F) 3
Skill Development Workshops 6. 4: Elevator Pitch
Business Plan writing
and Work Place Etiquette
Projects Thesis Presentation & Viva 2
Duration: 12 weeks Sub Total 12.5

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